Red House vs. Blue House

The Red House (Original Sin, Tower of Babel, House of Egypt and Babylonian Exile) challenges the Blue House (Adam & Eve, Noah’s Ark, House of Abraham, The Temple). Both houses are tied 4 to 4. Jesus establishes the New and Everlasting Covenant, with His Passion, Death and Resurrection thus breaking the tie and sealing the victory.

Which House are you in now? Which House will you be in for all eternity?

Watch this 15 minute lesson, introducing the 20 lesson ANAMODE Course. The following scriptures will tell the story of ANAMODE. Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, David and final Jesus, creation the New and Everlasting Covenant - the Eucharist. 

Genesis 1:28

Genesis 3:5

Genesis 6:13 & 18

Genesis 11:4

Genesis 17:7

Genesis 37:23-24

Exodus 15:4-6

Baruch 3:10-12

Matthew 12:28-29

Mark 1:14-15

Matthew 25:10-13

Mark 9:42-47

Acts 2:38

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