What is Typology? 

A type is a person, place, thing or event in the Old Testament that points to or foreshadows a person, place, thing or event in the New Testament. The type of the Old, finds its fulfillment in the New.

Why do we use Typology? 

This is the way that Jesus taught (Lk 24:25-27; Lk 24:44-47) This is the way Peter (Acts 10:42-43) and Paul (Acts 13:26-33) taught. The Church Fathers, the disciples of the apostles taught by using Typology and the Church has continued this tradition.

The ANAMODE Course consists of 20 types, which will be explained in 20 lessons. The lessons are broken down in the following sections based on Salvation History.

Adam - 3 Types/Lessons

Noah - 4 Types/Lessons

Abraham - 5 Types/Lessons

Moses - 3 Types/Lessons

David - 5 Types/Lessons

Each lesson in the ANAMODE Course will consist of 

1. an explanation of the Type in the Old Testament.

2. an explanation of the Fulfillment in the New Testament.

3. a Gospel Reading in order to discover what Jesus teaches.

4. a Doctrine or Doctrines to discover what the Church teaches.

In this introduction lesson you will learn the 20 Old Testament Types and the Corresponding 20 New Testament Fulfillments.

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